1400 Western Avenue, Seattle

Hours: 12 PM – 5 PM, Wednesday – Sunday


Waterfront Space is the project showroom for Waterfront Seattle featuring exhibits that illuminate the project’s many environmental, historical, and cultural aspects. It also functions as a flexible event venue and is Friends of Waterfront Seattle’s headquarters.

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Current Exhibits & Activities:

Hot Spot—Activate Our Central Waterfront Today, Excite For Tomorrow

Seawall Construction Tours

Arcade Magazine Issue 32.2 Launch Event, September 10, 2014

Waterfront Space’s exhibits were developed by Ann Farrington and Pacific Studio, the team behind the Museum of History and Industry’s new lauded displays, with the goal of creating “a point of access” and expanding the public’s perspective on our waterfront. These exhibits include information on the project’s benefits to near-shore ecology and our waterfront’s history, from pre-settlement to its rise as a maritime powerhouse. Visitors can also see a mock-up of the new, textured seawall that will support marine life, and learn details on the community-driven design for our waterfront’s future.

Visitors observing the mock-up of the textured Elliott Bay Seawall