Thousands of salmon pass by the new salmon-friendly Elliott Bay Seawall on their journey to Puget Sound and the rest of the Salish Sea each year. Salmon are vital to the traditional and contemporary communities and economies of our city and region, yet they face challenges to survival and declining numbers.

Long Live the Kings is a non-profit organization focused on rebuilding salmon and steelhead populations in Hood Canal and Puget Sound, unraveling the mystery of low salmon survival in the Salish Sea, advancing science and retooling management throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Join us at Waterfront Space (1400 Western Ave) Thursday April 13, 5:30-7:30pm for a presentation by Long Live the Kings Executive Director Jacques White about their work to restore wild salmon and steelhead and to support sustainable fishing.

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Throughout the spring, Friends of Waterfront Seattle hosts The Source series, a sequence of community open house events celebrating our waterfront as a source of heritage, creative inspiration, and appreciation for the natural world. This series also celebrates Waterfront Space, the project showroom for Waterfront Seattle, a source for project information and community engagement.

All evening events will include food and wine from Pike Place Market, beer from in-kind sponsor The Pike Brewing Company, and a brief program presenting new perspectives on our waterfront’s history, ecology and art.