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As Seattle redefines its relationship to the central waterfront, the Seattle Aquarium will maintain its local and national standing as a platform for scientific research, marine conservation education, civic engagement and entertainment. Through its mission of Inspiring Conservation of Our Marine Environment, the new Aquarium has both the opportunity and responsibility to inform visitors about threats to the world’s marine environment and to inspire action for positive change.

The new Aquarium will include renovation of the existing Piers 59 and 60 and add new exhibition, education and event space capable of accommodating a projected 1.2 million annual visitors. The new Aquarium will continue to offer its unique ‘one-on-one’ relationship between educators and visitors, and feature three interdependent ecosystems of the Pacific Ocean: Tropical Pacific, Outer Coast, and Puget Sound.

Under a City-approved Master Plan process, the Aquarium has assembled a team of local and national design consultants to develop a plan that will be evaluated against criteria that include: Recognition of Pier 59 as a local historic landmark; Enhance restoration of the intertidal zone for migratory fish; Improve public access to Elliott Bay and visitor circulation between existing structures and future improvements; and Integration with the planned improvements on the Central Waterfront. It is anticipated that the new Aquarium will be realized in multiple phases that will allow it to remain operational during construction.

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