1. Stadium District Upgrades

Reconditioned street and sidewalk surfaces and plantings will create a boulevard-style thoroughfare more conducive for the transit and gathering of sports fans

2. Improved East-West Connections

Improved connections between the city and the waterfront including projects on Railroad Way, S. Washington Street, S. Main Street, Columbia Street, a new Marion Street pedestrian bridge, Seneca Street and Union Street

3. New Alaskan Way & Elliott Way

A new surface street serving all modes of travel with signalized intersections and crossings at every block

4. Habitat Beach

A new habitat beach will restore our shoreline to its natural state with rocky riparian slopes and native plant species, both of which will support biodiversity

5. Revitalized Street Frontages

Buildings that are now stifled by the Alaskan Way Viaduct will be free to open up towards the waterfront, creating new opportunities for restaurant and retail

6. Pedestrian Promenade and Green Spaces

A welcoming pedestrian promenade along the entire length of the waterfront with expanded open spaces to gather, sit and enjoy views, and walk, run and be active

7. Dedicated Cycle Track

A new bicycle route for both commuters and families to enjoy the waterfront, connecting to the broader network of bike trails

8. Union Street Pier

A re-imagined Waterfront Park, becoming a large open space with extensive views and flexible uses such as a children’s water feature or a space for events and performances

9. Aquarium Plaza

A plaza connecting the city to this major destination including opportunities for outdoor exhibits as well as public gatherings and activities

10. Overlook Walk

An accessible connection between the Seattle Aquarium and the Pike Place Public Market including gathering places and play areas with dramatic, elevated views of the city and Elliott Bay

View to Pier 62-63

11. Pier 62/63

A new life for these public piers as an active, flexible public space for uses such as soccer, concerts, volleyball, and markets


12. Belltown Bluff

A series of destinations along a web of streets, stairs, elevators, bridges and overlooks with views to create a lively, safe and accessible connection between Belltown and the waterfront