Friends of Waterfront Seattle is the 501(c)(3) organization established to ensure Waterfront Seattle’s success as a beloved park. In collaboration with the City of Seattle, partner organizations, and the community at large, Friends of Waterfront Seattle is responsible for:

  • Building awareness for Waterfront Seattle and the profound impact it will have on the city and region
  • Raising $80-$120 million in capital funding for the park from philanthropic sources
  • Stewarding the park long-term through maintenance, security, and programming

Establishing Friends follows the community partnership model, which has been proven successful for parks and public spaces throughout the country. Under this model, local governments work with an independent entity, typically a not-for-profit organization, to provide consistent leadership and funding, ensuring that park remains a valued community asset in perpetuity.




A Waterfront for All is one that will: 

  • Engage the entire city 
  • Be focused on public use and activities that attract people from all walks of life 
  • Be a place where locals and visitors can interact effortlessly 
  • Draw on the talents and dreams of the entire city
  • Engage us through a range of activities throughout the day and year

Through R&D on the current waterfront, Friends of Waterfront Seattle is learning what types of partnerships, programming, and amenities contribute to and are essential for creating a place where the aforementioned goals can manifest on the future waterfront. As a result of community outreach and engagement, we are developing partnerships that build the collective vision for the waterfront. By creating and cultivating community partnerships now, the future waterfront is made stronger – through sustainable leadership, plurality of voices, and a collective vision for place. And by attracting locals to enjoy fun on the waterfront, we are exciting the community for the future.