Friends’ Ambassadors are a group of volunteers who are passionate about our central waterfront’s transformation into a vibrant park that serves all communities and helps restore our near shore habitat. They apply their diverse skills, experience and interests in helping Friends execute a range of projects, primarily helping with events and community outreach that build project awareness. Like all future users of our new waterfront park, Ambassadors provide valuable ideas that contribute to the continued shaping of the community’s vision for our urban shoreline. To learn more about the Ambassador program, email us at


Gabriela Alban

Architectural Intern, Graham Baba Architects
Lives In: Eastlake
Works In: First Hill

“The new waterfront park will be a fundamental seed in the much needed human centered development of our urban life. I am excited to see Seattle become a more democratic city with places where people from all walks of life can gather, interact and enjoy the world class beauty of the Olympic Mountains.”



Alessandra Allen

Real Estate and Environmental Attorney
Lives In: Capitol Hill
Works In: Downtown Seattle

“It is inspiring to see the creativity and engagement of the community in this project with the goal of creating a waterfront that is vibrant, appeals to diverse interests and creates value throughout the city as a whole. The new waterfront will further enhance our city’s transportation options and help create greater fluidity among the different neighborhoods of Seattle.”


Molly Barker

Attorney at Veris Law Group PLLC
Lives In: West Seattle
Works In: Downtown Seattle

“A skyline and boardwalk can say a lot about a city, and I believe the waterfront project is a sign of Seattle’s burgeoning economy and inspiring community. Waterfront Seattle will lay a foundation for further innovation in urban development, which is very exciting to be a part of.”



Jessica Brown

Project Manager / Hydrogeologist
Lives In: Denny Triangle
Works In: Eastlake

“I am most excited about spending time at the waterfront. One of my favorite things to do is show out of town guests around my beautiful city, and I would love to take them to an active waterfront area that is safe and comfortable at night. I look forward to running on the boardwalk and having a lovely spot to read a book during the summer. The waterfront has the potential to be the best part of the city, and right now it’s not even on the top 10. I am excited to be a part of putting the waterfront in the top 5 city attractions that will be accessible to everyone.”



Mary Fialko

Development Manager, Tarragon
Lives In: Capitol Hill
Works In: Downtown Seattle

“Water is integral to Seattle’s culture, to its people, to its mood. We cross water every day to get to other neighborhoods, we love and hate our romantic rainy winters, and we call ourselves the Emerald City because of all the life that flourishes here due to the fresh water. To see Elliott Bay connected to Seattle’s Urban core, and to see it used daily as an asset for not only tourists and visitors, but also by people like me, who work downtown daily (and rarely make it to the waterfront), is a dream that I’m excited to see come true.”



Carissa Franks

Architectural Designer, GGLO Design
Lives In: Central District
Works In: Downtown Seattle

“I am most excited about connecting people to the water. Ours is a city defined by water. There is an ancient, psychogeographical power embedded in our ability to bring this city to the water’s edge. This tidal zone is a rich place for public exchange.”



Rachel Gallaher

Editor, GRAY Magazine
Lives In: Capitol Hill
Works In: Lynwood, WA

“As a third-generation Seattle native on both sides of my family, I find the city is not only the place I love and grew up in, it’s the foundation of my life, the landscape for so many memories. Given the city’s maritime history, the waterfront is an essential part of who we are. It defines our region and has shaped it for thousands of years. The waterfront can be a place where we gather, interact, spend time, and enjoy the natural beauty of the Puget Sound.”


JaebadiahGardner copy

Jaebadiah S. Gardner, J.D.

Real Estate Developer
Lives In: Lower Queen Anne
Works In: Lower Queen Anne

“I’m really excited about the collaboration piece of this project. It will take many different people from so many different backgrounds culturally, professional and politically to execute. I’m excited to learn from all those folks involved in this project. I’m excited about the sustainability efforts that are included in the design. I’m excited about the culture. As Seattle becomes more and more dense with ethnic communities, this project is going to be a major connector/corridor for not only those who currently live in Seattle but to the international community.”


Kevin Geiger

Kevin Geiger

Principal, Blue Wave Political Partners
Lives In: Capitol Hill
Works In: Pioneer Square

“I am excited about the water features and different play structures that will be placed along the new waterfront, something that will make the Waterfront more fun for kids and adults.”



AV Goodsell

Program Manager, AIA Seattle
Lives In: Capitol Hill
Works In: Downtown Seattle

“I am excited to see this project help grow in its own very “Seattle” way that will maintain elements of the city’s grittiness and history while embracing the current population boom. I find inspiration in two things: 1) the waterfront project’s tenacity for change despite the many challenges (political, financial, physical, etc.) that accompanies change on this scale, and 2) this project’s phenomenal opportunity for out up-and-coming designers, builders, and artists in engaging with the growth and development of the waterfront over time.”



Audrey Hackett

Project Scientist, The Intelligence Group
Lives In: Ballard
Works In: South Lake Union

“I am very excited to see an underused portion of our city that has such a rich cultural and historical background get redeveloped. I look forward to increased access and public use of the waterfront, programs that involve the community, a transformed view corridor, and improved east-west connections, all of which will elevate Seattle’s waterfront to that of other first class cities. I am also excited that the project incorporates sustainability, habitat restoration, and storm water improvements that reduce contaminant loading into Puget Sound”



Bryn Kepler

Project Designer, Gustafson Gutherie Nichol
Lives In: Central District
Works In: Downtown Seattle

“For too long, Seattle has been without a central public space that allows for both recreational activities and cultural events in the heart of downtown. The new waterfront will restore Seattle’s vital and historic relationship to Elliot Bay and help establish Downtown Seattle as a complete community to reside in, work in, or visit.”


Kimberly LaDuca

Associate Attorney, Johannessen & Associates
Lives In: Belltown
Works In: Wallingford

“What excites me most is the addition of green space and a pedestrian friendly area which does not currently exist in any way in the central waterfront area. A 26-block park which connects the major areas of the city will transform the walkability, enjoyment, and quality of life in Seattle and will finally give the waterfront area the integrated role in city life that it deserves.”



Julia Levitt

Development Manager
Lives In: South Lake Union
Works In: South Lake Union

“From my first days in Seattle, I’ve been captivated by the old brick buildings flanking the waterfront between Pike’s Place Market and the Stadium District. I love wandering through this area and taking in the beauty and connection to urban history. I’m most inspired by what will happen to these buildings — particularly their Alaskan Way-facing sides, which I hope will turn from functional loading and parking areas into front doors, café terraces, and better when the Viaduct comes down. Character buildings like these provide fertile grounds for creative entrepreneurs and neighborhood activities, and Seattle is full of people who I know will put them to good use.”



Ashley Ludwig

Associate, Gustafson Guthrie Nichol
Lives In: Capitol Hill
Works In: Downtown/Belltown

“I’m excited to see how the transformation of the waterfront will affect the daily lives of the surrounding community members as well as the possibility of it becoming an iconic landscape for Seattle.”



Benjamin Maestas

Dancer & Architectural Designer
Lives In: Salmon Beach, Tacoma
Works In: Belltown

“What excites me most about this project is Seattle’s willingness to go through the process of removing the viaduct to create a wonderful and delightful space that will transform the city, creating a place that everyone can enjoy.”



Kate Murphy

Architectural Designer
Lives In: Capitol Hill
Works In: Downtown Seattle

“As an Ambassador, I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with others to plan events and activities that generate engagement and support for the project, as well as create a dialogue about Waterfront Seattle’s civic presence, cultural and artistic initiatives, and the overall role its design plays in helping shape the future of Seattle’s vibrant metropolitan character and its breathtaking landscape.”



Momo Nakamura

Marketing Specialist, EnergySavvy
Lives In: Wedgwood
Works In: Pioneer Square

“Growing up in Seattle I’ve fallen in love with the beautiful city, yet rarely did I enjoy being down by the waterfront. This waterfront project will open up this city gem to tourists and locals alike, while building a more economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable Seattle. I am excited to collaborate with diverse individuals and communities to transform the waterfront, and to leave a landmark that everyone will enjoy and remember!”



Laura Nelson

Lives In: West Seattle
Works In: Downtown

“Having grown up in West Seattle and boating on the Puget Sound, I am excited to see the transformation of Seattle’s most magical asset into a public space that will showcase all that the waterfront has to offer.”



Benjamin Nivison

Lives In: Phinney Ridge
Works In: Downtown Seattle

“Throughout the world, the greatest cities have always had great public spaces. They are catalysts for personal connection, community engagement, artistic expression and inspiration, and for political and civic life. Like San Francisco after the collapse of the Embarcadero Freeway, the viaduct’s necessary removal presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to rethink and reconsider how Seattle engages with its waterfront. We are at that rare junction of opportunity and inspiration that makes remarkable things happen.”



Meghan Silver

Attorney, Zillow Group Inc.
Lives In: Fremont
Works In: Downtown Seattle

“Growing up on Bainbridge Island, many of my childhood memories revolve around visiting the Seattle waterfront. Transforming the central waterfront into a park will bring local residents to the area in order to enjoy the community gathering spaces and inject energy into both the waterfront area and downtown Seattle.”


EunJean Song Bio Photo

EunJean Song

Director of Operations, Matt Dillon Restaurants
Lives In: Central District
Works In: Pioneer Square

“I am most excited about the waterfront becoming a true gathering place for Seattlites and visitors alike. With a thoughtful and ever-rotating roster of concessions, music, art, performance and other special programming, there is limitless opportunity to further develop Seattle as a thriving city with amazing cultural offerings!”